Are you in Love with Yourself?

'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

'Do unto others what you want them to do to you.'

These sayings lay the foundation for the fact that the way we feel about ourselves genuinely affect the way we treat others. If we are abusive, rude, abrasive etc. It is usually because that's how we feel about ourselves.

Loving ourselves is not selfish in any way, it is the foundation for our interactions and life experiences because really we cannot give what we don't have.

Here is a checklist to know if you really love yourself:

  • Are you at peace with your life experiences both positive and negative?
  • Are you comfortable with silence?
  • Are you comfortable saying no instead of being over swamped?
  • Do people hardly gossip around you? i.e when you're around people, you find yourself joking and discussing life experiences rather than gossiping and trying to put others down.
  • Do you smile easily even at random times?
  • Do you compliment people easily and get excited for the successes of others?
  • Are you comfortable being human and imperfect?
  • Do you easily forgive and make excuses for people?
  • Are you comfortable walking away from things and people not meant for you? rather than tolerate and endure abuse and ill treatment, you walk away.
  • Do you seek to control yourself and emotions only?; because you know that's all you have real power over.
  • Do you pamper your body?
  • Do you take time to care about all aspects of your life?
  • Are you comfortable with your flaws? while working to become a better person, do you find a way around your flaws without trying to create an image of perfection?
  • Are you comfortable being in the spotlight? after all it is an opportunity to share your uniqueness with the world.
  • Are you comfortable not being in the spotlight? because you know you are unique and beautiful anyway.
  • Are you polite and treat people with respect?; after all, you can only give what you have.
  • Is your sense of worth extremely removed from possessions and the opinions of others?
  • Are you confident and bold.
  • Have you ever been described as serene?
  • Is it difficult to manipulate, threaten or use you?' 
  • Are you making the best of the gifts and talents that you have?
  • Do you invest in yourself?
If you answered yes to these questions, then you have discovered self love. Self love is key to having a fun filled life. If you are manipulative, controlling, bitchy etc. It's really because you do not love yourself because when you fall in love with yourself and give your best each day, you will trust that life will give you back its best. When you have a low self esteem and are very insecure, it is because you have not seen the beauty in you.

You are beautiful, special and loved by God.

Go out there and sparkle.

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