Corporate Mondays; Are you a Toxic Staff?

Most of us spend a huge percentage of our adult life in the office or at least doing work related events so we all agree that a healthy work environment is essential.

But then not every work environment is healthy, in fact, some of them are actually very toxic but since people make a place and not the other way round, then we must agree that it's toxic colleagues that are actually the problem

Toxic people make are those that spread poison and make the environment tough for others.

These are the people that love to criticize and put others down, they are mean, hateful and crack jokes at the expense of others.

They are the kind of bosses that encourage snitching, backbiting and backstabbing just to create division.

They are the team mates who do not pull their weight but want to shine at the expense of others or those that put others in trouble.

They are the ones who form madam/oga even without a senior position and try to create fear in others.

They are the ones that laugh at someone who tries to move forward and have no respect for constituted authority.

They bully and most times have reduced their colleagues to tears all in the name of joking.

These people never want to be better and they believe anyone who tires to get them to do better is jealous of them or they don't even listen at all.

They always complain  and criticize, acting as if everything and the world is against them.

 Some have been at the same level a long time and are insecure and unhappy spreading this to everyone.

They are the type that love to easily tag new members of staff and of course they don't believe that the people who got promotions or any job perks deserved them.

When you sit with them, they air all their grievances with management and life like jewelry.

These people love to gossip about everyone and find something negative to say even about the most positive situations.

 We have toxic people across all the steps of the corporate ladder; from c-level management to the most junior level. Although to be honest, they seem to be more at mid level management.

One sure way of knowing them is that in their absence, people are happy, more productive and love to go to work. Another way is that at the end of your interaction with them, you feel meaner, bad etc., you can also trust them to start the yabs and drama.

Anyone can be a toxic staff ( so don't start naming that your colleague). The surest way to prevent yourself from becoming a toxic staff is to focus on your career goals, work on other passions and live a full life outside work and when you find life getting to you, take out time to de-clutter.

 Remember .....

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