Do you have the 'Superwoman Syndrome?'

I was driving to work this morning when I heard a huge crash. Someone had hit me from behind. I came down to check and it was a horrible damage but more damage was inflicted on the other car.

Luckily, a panel beater came and offered to fix my car. The other woman had to buy new headlamps as her car was really damaged.

We later found out that the driver of the other vehicle was sleeping while driving. She must have been sleeping for a while as there was no traffic at all. She had woken up early to prepare meals, get the children ready for school and leave in time to get to the office.

All that came to mind was why she didn't have a driver or any help. She could have died if she had collided with a trailer. Why didn't her husband help her too?

In this age, some women try to prove they can do everything, we try to show that we are powerful and capable of juggling everything as if there's a competition and trophy to be won at the end. This could have tragic consequences like what happened to me this morning.

Here is a checklist to know if you have the superwoman syndrome;

  • Do you take pride in the fact that you do everything, everyday and you do it with joy and love?;statements like 'I must cook fresh meals everyday', 'no one else can clean the room except me' etc. 
  • Do you make other women feel guilty?; do you scoff at women who dare to ask for help.
  • Do you have a problem with modern technology?; like Yam pounders, washing machines, etc.
  • Is it a taboo for your husband to help you out?
  • Are you the most hardworking staff in your office?; I don't mean diligent or efficient, I mean hardworking, doing almost everything yourself. If you have been called a 'Jackie', then you are.
  • Do your subordinates complain that you micromanage them? no matter the excuse you give, if more than one person complains you micromanage, my sister, you micromanage.
  • Are people surprised when you smile or laugh?
  • Do the times when you laughed, smiled, had fun etc. seem like a long time ago?; because all of a sudden, you are 'responsible' and have a lot to do?
If you answered yes to most of the questions above, you are burnt out. There is no point to prove my sisters, give each activity your best but take care of you, have fun, ask for help and if it doesn't come, demand it, delegate duties, plan time off for yourself alone. Life is meant to be lived. We are not robots. 

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