Don't be a Crab; Stop the Pull Him/Her Down Syndrome

If you put a group of Crabs in a bucket, none of them will be able to climb out because rather than go out in turns which they will all be capable of, the other crabs pull down any crab that tries to crawl out of the bucket. As a result, they all stay stuck.

The Crabs can be forgiven because they are little animals and do not know any better but we are sometimes cabby;

  • When we criticize people who try to be better; by making derogatory statements or pointing out difficulties.
  • When we make fun of others; just to put them down.
  • When we gossip about others making positive moves.
  • When we are petty, jealous and insecure.
  • When we refuse to support and actually try to hinder the progress of others,
 Then we are being petty.
 At the foundation of the 'Pull Him Down' syndrome is the believe that things are scarce, that there is not enough to go round. We fear that the success of others will hinder ours and this is because we are insecure and do not trust our gifts and talents as well as nature's abundance.

The sky is wide enough for all birds, we are to choose to excel and not compete as success is indeed personal and not a competition.

This may be the time to ask ourselves if our associations are not crabby. Do we have crabs as friends and are we the biggest of all Crabs? It is also a time to ask ourselves if we have let the Crabs keep us down.

Today is a day to shed off crabby skin and shine. Remember this quote below and let your light and that of others shine


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