How Dare you Not want to get married - Twitter users to Funmi Iyanda

The lovely Funmi Iyanda was dragged on twitter for saying she doesn't want to get married. In her words, she is not the marrying type.

Some users were of the opinion that she should abstain from sex if she chooses not to get married while another one just decided to go on a rampage.

Marriage is a beautiful thing; having someone to love, cherish and support you in this journey of life is a blessing. While this is true, people also have the right to make their own choices and whether or not we agree with them, we need to mind our business and even if we choose not to mind our business, we should disagree without being rude or taking people to the gutters.

The truth is Nigerians have a tendency to interfere unnecesarily and offer sanctimonious, unsolicited advice. There are times this is a good thing and other times it can be annoying. Let's live and let live and may we all find joy, love and fulfillment in our chosen paths. I love Funmi Iyanda's response though,

'This vitriol is not directed at a clearly corrupt, incompetent or inept politician
but at a woman simply stating a choice not to marry.'
See the conversation on twitter below

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