Is that Information Neccessary?

 Social media has made it easy for us to know the happenings in other people's lives - or at least the parts they want us to know but there are times we go through people's profile and ask if we really needed to be informed of that new shoe, bag, car, skin care routine or whatever random event in their lives.

The blogs take it further and decide to turn random happenings into news with sensational headings like 'Celebrity B and her ex passed the same street within the same hour, could they be getting back together?'

Being a celebrity means that you are in the spotlight and vulnerable to a lot of things but the blogs sometimes incite the public with insinuations for likes, clicks, comments which all translate to money at the end of the day.

The readers get to enjoy the gossip, speculate on other people's lives for a while before going back to reality while the bloggers smile to the bank. The celebrities also gain as they are still in people's awareness, after all, any publicity is good publicity. So I guess nobody looses or so we think untill.....

The readers raise eyebrows and wonder if that information was necessary with comments like,'did we really have to know?', the celebrity has an emotional breakdown and the blogger earns the reputation of being a wicked, bitter vindictive person.

Really, this is that awkward moment when I ask myself what I had in mind when I started writing this but then all is fair in the hustle so long as it's not against the law right?

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