Nigerian Stereotypes for Jobs

It's Monday and a time to go about our various hustle. It is a time to achieve and get the best of what we have set our hands to do. However, have you noticed the stereotypes people associate with certain jobs?

Male Bankers; Stingy and live on loans.

Female Bankers; Corporate whores especially the marketers.

Makeup Artist; All except the established ones are runs girls.

Fashion Designer; What's that, are you are tailor or nah?

Aspiring musician; Just go and find a job, we have enough musicians already.

Business woman; You sell clothes, hair etc. you are blessed with lots of sugar daddies.

Bloggers;You guys are becoming too many. LIB, Bellanaija, SDK and the popular ones are enough.

Oil and gas guys; They are wealthy. If you come across any of them as a babe, hold them tight.

People stereotype everyday but what really matters is that we find something we are passionate about and give it our very best.

Share the various job stereotypes that you know.


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