TGIF: Balling on a budget

It's Friday and the end of the 1st working week.

Some of us may feel the need to unwind but this is January and our pockets and indeed bank accounts may feel the need to stay home.

Here are ways to ball and live the life on a budget;

  • Ball with a wealthy clique; my people, wealth is sometimes contagious, if you're balling with a wealthy clique, the bills get split up and sometimes people will be attracted to your table to spend.
  • Ditch that friend that never pays up their part of the bill; we don't need leeches this year.
  • Try the oyibo style of balling; parks, art theaters etc. It's not every time you go to clubs and bars. Sometimes, try and be mordern.
  • For the babes, activate your chikers; no need to form independent woman abeg, let that man spoil you and pay, then you take off.
  • Throw house parties; the kind of parties where everyone brings food and something to drink. That way, you have fun and still keep your money.
Feel free to suggest other ways to ball on a budget. This year we will be prudent but we will also have looads of fun.

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