Throw Back Thursday; Let's Play Ten Ten.........

Or suwe, actually let's play sandalili ( I refuse to say standard living).

'Sandalili, sandalili, sandalili, sandalili,
sandalili, sandalili, sandalili, sanda question.

I'm a doctor in my country
Everybody knows me well 
If you look at me up and down
You will know that it's true.'

This game brings to mind childhood, a time of dreams and a sense of identity.

With this game, we could be anything - presidents, doctors, inventors, whatever we wanted to be.

The good thing about this game is that we spoke in the present term making us assume the position we wanted to attain.

Now that we're adults, do we still dream and believe that we can we achieve whatever we set our minds to achieve or have we become 'realistic' doing what we have to do to get by? Or maybe we still have our dreams but we are ashamed to talk about them because of the blows life has dealt us. Most importantly, do we speak positive things or do we complain a lot?

Today is a day to throw back to our childhood and dream again, not just dream but sing about our dreams  proudly.

It's never too late to be a child and dream again.

We are work divas, we dream, we do and we live.

We got this sorted out.

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