Throwback Thursday; Childhood Stories; The Ugly Duckling

Today, we'll be throwing back to one of the stories we were told as children. The story of the Ugly duckling.

In a nutshell, the story is about a swan egg that was mixed with those of a mother duck. The swan hatched from the egg and grew up looking and feeling different from the others. Because of this, he was ridiculed and felt unaccepted. Funny thing is he always wished to be a Swan not knowing that is what he really was. Until one day, he saw his reflection clearly, he had blossomed into a beautiful Swan. He left the Ducklings and joined the Swans and lived happily and elegantly ever afterThe lessons from this story are very simple, 

  • Sometimes when we are ridiculed and treated unfairly, it is not because we are below our detractors but because we are uniquely different.

  • Not everyone will appreciate our style of beauty and that is okay.

  • Sometimes, people put us down, because they are afraid of the beauty in us; they know we don't see our beauty and they do not want us to ever see it.

  • We need to find out the environment that makes us blossom for our true beauty to be actualized.

  • When we find the right environment and associations, we won't have to struggle, we will just be.

  • Before we can blossom and shine, we have to really see the beauty in ourselves.

  • Sometimes, to see the beauty in ourselves, we have to stay seperate and really look inwards.

  • To the Ducks, the lesson is to appreciate beauty and groom it.

  • Let's not forget Mother Duck. I think she did a poor job of raising her children. She should have noticed the difference in the ugly Duckling and helped him see the beauty in himself not allowing him suffer.

  • And finally, Go out there and win Divas and I hope you can see your own image clearly because it really doesn't matter where you are born or your current circumstances, what matters is who you are.


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