Weekend Secrets: Tell me something you don't know

I never knew how to construct a pie-chart till I was in SS3.

I just never learnt how to and everyone around seemed to know it perfectly. I felt it would be embarrassing to admit I didn't know how to so I hid my little secret and of course no one suspected because I was one of the smart and popular.

I finally mustered the courage to ask a friend in SS3 to teach me and I was suprised at how easy it was.

The truth is that everyone tries to project the best version of themselves to the world and intelligence is often rewarded with admiration from our peers and sometimes leadership positions.

Admitting we do not know can sometimes be an uphill task but not admitting can have negative consequences and sometimes make us look stupid.

If you've ever asked for directions on Lagos roads, you will know how annoying it is when people can't just admit they don't know. Some in a bid to sound knowledgeable actually give you the wrong direction; turn left, drive straight, then turn right. You follow the direction and find yourself in Mile 12 when you were going to Ogudu.

The ability to admit that you don't know and even take the bold step to ask for direction is a sign of confidence and a healthy self esteem. It also saves you from embarrassing yourself in a big way.

While tact is essential in picking the place, time and person to admit our ignorance to, we should not be ashamed to admit we do not know.

So let's play a game of 'I don't know' where you write down something you don't know how to do. Your secret is safe with us. Mine is;

I don't know how to repost on Instagram can someone teach me? 

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