Woman Crush Wednesday; Joyce Meyer

This is one woman that has touched people all over the world with her positive message. I have never met her but her books and messages have touched me in so many ways. Here are reasons Joyce Meyer is our woman crush Wednesday.

She has a clear sense of purpose; This is evidenced by the clear description on her Instagram handle 'Sharing Christ.Loving People'.

She has fought personal battles and won; and she did this without loosing her crown or becoming bitter, she is actually a blessing to all.

She is authentic, real and uses her story to bless others

Her financial game is on point; she was able to produce all financial record during a united states inquiry and has also received accreditation from 'the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability' (ECFA). 

She still slays at 73 proving that the seventies are indeed the new thirties

Joyce Meyer has indeed been a blessing to lots of people. We want to be like her when we grow up.

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