Woman Crush Wednesday; Simisola

The 1st day I saw this woman, I thought she was an epitome of effortless class.

She was tall and wore heels and I love to see tall women on heels.

I got to work with her and I realized that she was not just a beautiful, classy woman but she has a work ethic per excellence. She was hardworking, paid attention to detail and the brain behind a lot of award winning campaigns. She also works well with people and recently her hardwork paid off as she has been promoted to the position of creative director in the biggest marketing communications agency in Nigeria.

These are reasons why Sinmisola is a true work diva;

1. She is a slayer; Sinmi carries the best of bags and wears really quality clothing.

2. She slays and moves on; She isn't one of those people constantly checking the mirror and all trying to convince you they are fashionstas, she just slays and trusts herself to get on with the day.

3. She is gooooood at her job; Trust me, this is one creative personnel I will always want to work with. She has reasons to be sloppy at her job because frankly, I don't think she needs to work but Sinmi is very good at her job.

4. She is feminine and still leads a company of men; There was a time it seemed to be successful in the work place, you needed to sit on the woman that you are and act all bitchy just to succeed but Sinmi isn't like that, she is graceful and yet commands authority in a warm way.

5. She leads a full life; Sinmi is a fun loving person that likes to let down her hair, she enjoys having a good time, she enjoys her job as an ad lady and she enjoys being a wife and mother.

6. She is a good friend and colleague; I worked with Sinmi for a long time and I really enjoyed working with her because to be honest, she is easy to work with not just on the job but as a person.

7. She is human; I have seen Sinmi loose her temper, I have seen her get emotional. She is not one perfect person but a human being with feelings, emotions and flaws that places a demand of excellence on herself.

Sinmi is a true work diva and if you doubt me, ask the most awarded creative director in these parts who handed over the baton to her.

Behold the beautiful Sinmisola, I can see a Cannes in your future.

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