From the Other woman; The reason I hurt you

I listened as you cried over the phone, you were hurting, you could take his philandering as the girls meant nothing but this was the height, he had fallen in love with  me, took me to weddings and gatherings you should be in, he introduced me to everyone who mattered.

You had seen my picture and I could pass for your younger sister, we looked exactly alike and you could tell that I wasn't just a girl, I was your mate, the second wife, the newer model.

You begged me, asking me to leave your husband so you could find peace but I just smiled because I knew you had forgotten, you could not remember -
afterall, you were the wife.

I had met Richard your husband when I was 25. He pursued me with everything he had but he didn't have to, I loved him the moment I saw him and he was a perfect gentleman too. When he told me he was 40, I asked why he was single and he said he hadn't found the one. I was in love, I was in heaven. He was wealthy but the money meant nothing, I loved him and felt safe. Everyone noticed the difference in me, I was more beautiful and had a glow from sexual and emotional satisfaction.

And then he became distant and told me I was too clingy, I thought he needed space till he told me he was married.

I was hurt and begged him to take everything he had given me but he told me he didn't want them. My heart was broken and I tried to move on. I called him one day crying and he gave you the phone, I cried, I felt ashamed, I was sorry, I wanted to return the gifts and feel some dignity about my foolishness, but you laughed at me, told me girls like me abound that you were the wife and I should never call again or you would disgrace me in my office. I told you to pick the gifts from me but you were blinded by a stupid territoriality, to defend a man who played both of us, how was I to know he was married, his social media pages held no trace. You refused empathy and chose to judge and I swore to hurt you because I knew that your defending him showed that he was your weakness.

Did I mentioned that your husband's betrayal broke something deep inside me?  I went from the girl who could never date a married man to the girl who had 3 in her life, all footing her bills, I didn't have to touch my salary. With these men I practiced what it took to keep a man, I perfected the art of getting men to do my bidding and I had them eating out of my fingers. This skill helped me move swiftly up the corporate ladder as while I didn't have office romances, I understood men and pushed their buttons to my advantage. The older I got, the sexier I became.

 I met Richard 3 years later, I was bolder, sexier and mature. I had my game plan and made sure he fell in love with me. When I saw you and I looked alike, I realized why he broke it up the first time, I was his spec and I got too close. So this time, I made sure he pursued me, he didn't know what hit him. He fell in love and began to beg for my attention as I had a lot of men around me.

When he was hooked, I pulled him away from you, I wanted to hear you cry and beg to save your dignity.

Today, I have gotten my victory, you are begging, pleading to keep a man that was never yours in the first place. Richard has other girls but he dares not flaunt them around me, he pretends to love me alone; he even told me he had stopped sleeping with you, this I know is a lie.

Let me tell how to treat a man like Richard, you have to be hot and sexy as well as comfortable in a sweatshirt, you have to make him beg you like a fool, Richard loves that, you have to speak to him nicely, lovingly and firmly and you have to stop loving him but make him feel like you do. Honestly, you'd burst an artery loving a guy like Richard.

I've gotten my victory, you can have him back but only before my pre-wedding photos get public. I'm getting married to someone your husband can't stand close to.

Before, you scream karma, your husband managed to make me heartless and now I only stay with men who worship the ground I walk on and if my husband cheats or falls in love with someone else, I'll take a walk. I'm not a weakling like you.

We would have avoided all these, if you had chosen empathy over judgement. If you had listened and made me know you understand. I'll give Richard back, just not yet.

These were the thoughts that ran through my mind as I listened to you crying but I could not tell you, instead I said to Richard, 'honey, someone is crying for you on the phone. Guess it's important.' I wanted you to hear him say 'no one can be as important as you'.

 I was happy, I had won but it was not a good victory, I had become a woman my mother would be ashamed of.

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