Get her an Iphone 7 for Valentine with N100,000 or less

Okay, you won't get her an Iphone 7 with N 100,000 but you can wow your woman this valentine without breaking the bank. These are ideas to give her a lovely valentine.

Book a lovely hotel; take advantage of the many valentine deals available like the ones on Jumia.

Set the mood; now that you've found a wonderful hotel, set the mood with lovely scented candles and fragrances. You can get these from scentifyng. See some of their wonderful products.

Play and Have fun; create a playful theme with some wonderful items like this.

Let her pick her gift; Rather than get it wrong and force the lady to pretend she loves her gift, allow her buy it herself. This year, get her a gift  card. You can get one from sure gifts. They have a wide array of suppliers across various industries; fashion, home appliances and even electricity.

So there you have it. A way to create the perfect valentine experience worth more than an Iphone 7 with 100,000 or less.

Love is in the little things and most times, it is the thought that counts.

Happy valentine's day and don't forget to share other gift ideas with us.

Details of gift items in post:
Jumia travels;
Scentify; Instagram @scentifyng.
Lovely pillows; Instagram @Ofilispeaks
Gift cards;

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