Motivation Monday; Authenticity on The Other Side of Fear

We've all heard that everything we've ever wanted is on the other side of fear and while some of us think we believe it, most of actually don't.

When we hear this statement, our mind goes to the fear of facing our challenges and reaching towards a goal, few of think about the fear of authenticity, being true to ourselves.

Fitting in and social acceptance are things that every human being craves and so we grow up learning rules and regulations, deciding what is acceptable and what is not, trying too hard to fit in or stand out. We get to that point where we have so played the game of acting that we truly believe our act and loose ourselves in the process.

But the greatest gift we can give ourselves and indeed the world is the gift of authenticity, being honest with ourselves about who we are, our dreams, wants,likes and dislikes and in doing that, we not only fit in but stand out.

At the base of success is authenticity because we are honest with ourselves and the world around us, we can take a positive look at things and make decisions daily that affect us positively.

It's time to look into the mirror and ask ourselves if we have been afraid to be true to ourselves.

It's time to tell the world who we are.

Time to be divas, living on the other side of fear.


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