The Diva lounge:Help!!! My colleague has hygeine issues

It's Friday ladies and time to hang out and enjoy the evening. dancing, eating and gisting.

On the Diva lounge today, we will be discussing hygiene issues of our colleagues and how to deal with it.

90% of people in the work place are adults who have achieved some measure of success hence it's really not our place to start babysitting anyone that's why I believe that the way a person dresses, etc isn't your business.

But what about when your colleague especially someone who you have to work closely with like a team mate or seat mate has poor hygiene issues like body or mouth odour. Do you;

  • Gossip about them,
  • Insult them and make them the object of public ridicule.
  • Tactfully buy them new underwear, sprays and mouthwash while having an honest conversation with them.
  • Request to change your seat or team and let someone else deal with the problem.

What would you do, I'd really like to know. Please drop your opinions in the comment section.

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to enjoy the evening.

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