Throwback Thursday; Let's talk about our crushes

 My 1st crush was in primary 1. He was troublesome and teased me a lot. I fought him once and we became friends or something more. Turned out he was crushing on me too but oh well.

My next crush was in JSS3, I really liked this guy, he was buff and had a sense of humor. We eventually became very good friends. Did I say he was artistic as well.

I didn't have a crush untill my NYSC, there was this guy, wow, I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart literally skipped anytime he was around. The homosapien eventually said he always liked me but thought I was forming for him (Can you imagine, when all the girls knew I had a huge crush).

That NYSC guy remained my last crush untill last year. I had two huge crushes in succession but we just ended up as friends.

Valentine's day is just around the corner and I hope the single people won't spend the time reminiscing on the couldawouldshoulda. Go out there and have fun.

Let's throwback to our crushes and laugh at the emotions we felt.

Loving is its own reward.

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