Valentine Presents - The Good, Bad, Ugly and Down right Outrageous

 It's 4 days to valentine and it's usually an emotional time. Gifts are given, there are the girls who get lovely gifts and admiration from their peers, those who get gifts they don't like, the ones who are single again, the guys with huge dents in their pockets and the side chicks waiting for the 15th.

We all agree that valentine's day is not just about the presents but let's be honest, getting wonderful presents that day give us a lovely feeling. Let's flash back to the presents we've received.

The bad like,
  • A huge hamper and Cake; I had this delievered to me in the office and to be honest, I hated the gift. Yes it made the guys and girls ooh and ah and people talked about it for a while but I would have preferred money. Honestly, the cake was so huge, I shared it and a lot of it still remained and the hamper had lots of beautiful nothings like a Candy G-string.
  • Flowers and a card; These are my worst presents for any occasion, not just because they are completely useless but also because they are completely cliche. Put some thought into it bro.
The good like;

  • A trip; this was in the University, I had a fun date with my chiker at the time, we attended a concert with his friends and had alone time together. I enjoyed the experience a looot.
  • Spa Vouchers; I had a voucher to spend time pampering myself and I enjoyed it.
  • A hand crafted card; This was a very creative gift, it had my name crafted nicely with beads placed around each name. 
The ones in between ;like perfumes, wristwatches etc these presents don't stand out but are genuinely appreciated.

And then my best,

Money; When in doubt, transfer some money into my account.

Be intentional this valentine and state what you want before you get a really expensive flower;


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