WCW; Woman, be your own Motivation

This month has seen a lot of notable dates; the international women's day, 'the world single parent's day' and the upcoming Mother's day.

We all admit that there is nothing as exciting as being recognized and celebrated or having people encourage and cheer you on but life is a like playing a game of football, through the cheers and boos of the crowd, you keep your head high and play your game.

It's sweet for someone to put you up as Woman Crush Wednesday but how about you be your own motivation, your Woman Crush Everyday by
  • Celebrating the little successes, 
  • Enjoying each moment and giving your best, 
  • Loving yourself so much that your energy and aura rejects anything that doesn't know your worth,
  • Learning, growing and improving, 
  • Spoiling yourself with me-times and occasional extravagance
  • Taking care of yourself and every aspect of your life.

I am my Woman Crush Everyday, you should be yours too.

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