Eight ways to an Unhappy Life

Happiness is a choice and one we make deliberately. It has a way of opening doors for us while unhappiness has a way of blocking blessings from our life. We all want to be happy but sometimes make decisions and live our lives in ways that only guarantee our unhappiness.

Below are some characters guaranteed to make you unhappy;

  • Gossip; this is spreading malicious stories; whether true or untrue about someone. Sometimes, people gossip to feel like part of a community, feel powerful because they are part of the 'in crowd' or have the ability of making/marring someone. But gossip does have lots of negative effects on you. For one, it keeps you second guessing yourself, if you are one to always talk about others, you will be overtly concerned with what others say about you and thus you give people's opinions too much power over you (regardless of how much you want to disbelieve this). Also how will you manage the two faced thing; saying negative things about someone while smiling to their face.
  • Be ungrateful and refuse to count your small blessings; Why be thankful you have a degree when you struggled through school, why be thankful you have a job when your mates are earning better?. If you are someone with this mindset of ingratitude, you will never be happy because no matter what you have, there will always be something you want that you don't have.
  • Don't forgive yourself and others; Spend each night replaying images of every slight real and imagined done to you and every mistake you have made. Feel the emotions as vividly as possible and convince yourself that you are hated and the elements must be against you. This is one sure way to guarantee unhappiness in life. 
  • Hold on to the past; failures, successes etc. you can keep remembering past failures or reminiscing on the good old days that you forget to enjoy the present moment and only wish for the good old days.                                                                                                                                                           
  • Be selfish and concerned only about yourself; don't give out, don't care about others, only be concerned about you and you are sure to be a very unhappy person.                                                              
  • Live a lie; don't be true to yourself and be honest about your needs and wants, be concerned about keeping up with the Joneses and Adekunles and trying to impress only even it means you telling yourself a huge lie and you are in for an unhappy time.                                                                                    
  • Don't follow your passions or take calculated risks; always try to be safe and you'll end up a person bitter and jealous of others who lived their dreams and did the best they could.                                              
  • Don't stay in your own lane; be more concerned about other people. Talk about them, judge them criticize them, compare yourself with them. Even though they are minding their business and living the best way they can. Just spend time focusing on others and you are sure to be very unhappy.                                    
So guys, there you have it. Eight sure ways to live a very unhappy life. 

I hope you do the exact opposite and have a very happy life.

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