Sell your market but don't spoil mine

I genuinely love Chigurl and her popular Ted talk 'sell your market'. This is a Nigerian slang that means to promote yourself.

In life, in order to be successful, we need to promote ourselves and show what stands us out so that we can attract people but some people take this too far and try to put other people down. The major reason for this probably being a scarcity mindset, the belief that things are scarce and hence we all have to compete for the few resources.

I have outlined below various habits that could help us achieve our highest potential without 'spoiling anybody's market';

  • Live an authentic life; when we are true to ourselves and doing exactly what we want to do, we subconsciously trust that life would work out for us because hey, there can only be one us right? but when we are living a lie and trying to fit into a mold, then we are constantly watching to see if someone fits that mold better and this makes us compete and bring people down.
  • Cultivate gratitude; Be thankful for everything you have and you won't have time to notice what others have that you don't.
  • Positive self talk and mindset; Stay positive, affirm yourself and believe only the best about yourself. Don't compare yourself less or more favorable than others and you will be fine.
  • Pursue your passion and expand your horizons; travel and if you can't, read a book. Try your best to make use of every skill and potential you have. The more you are growing, the less you have time to compete.
  • Have faith in the God of abundance; we need to really believe that God has enough for us. If he isn't stingy with the essentials like air, sunlight etc, why should he not bless all men liberally.

So dears, go out there and sell your market, be so busy selling your market that you only notice me for business partnerships because you have no time to spoil mine. The sky is wide enough for all God's children.

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