The Diva Lounge; I'm powerful cos I'm sleeping with the boss

On the Diva Lounge, we'll be talking about sleeping with the boss and I'm not talking about your superior in the office but I'm talking THE BOSS like the M.D, G.M and E.D etc, people with real power to influence.

I carried out a survey and people mentioned the following as advantages;

  • Power; among your peers. Once people know you're sleeping with the boss, they try to be on your good sides. They start hailing you, being nice to you, etc. because they want you to put in a good word for them.
  • Seeming untouchable; It will appear that you are untouchable because the final authority is always on your side. But please note the word seemingly.
  •   Financial gains; a rich bobo will take care of you and because you have easy access to him, it's difficult for him to avoid you.
  • Possible career advancement; people believe your name will be put on the promotion list every time but to be honest, sleeping with the boss opens your eyes to how management thinks and the best ways to behave to ensure career advancement.
 Below are some disadvantages;

  • Your colleagues will not respect you; Let's be honest, the moment word gets around that you're sleeping with the boss especially if he's married, people loose respect for you. His peers might want to also try their luck while your peers will always view you in a negative light.
  •  You are a pawn in office political tussles; Picture a scenario, a high performing executive you report to hates you and decides you should leave and your boo the director wants to back you up. This executive is a star and one the board cannot afford to loose, she looks at your boo directly during a board meeting and asks 'I head the team and know she is an under performer. Is there any particular reason you are defending her?'. Everyone in the room knows about the affair (since in reality, affairs are never secret) and so your boo has to save his face and reputation and keep quiet.
  •  You loose your personal power; you will never be sure if you earned that promotion or if your bottom power got it for you. You will never trust your ability to advance in your career by learning technical, emotional and functional skills.
  •  Your rep dies; did I hear someone say 'who rep epp' but really, I heard a successful woman say 'guard your reputation, there will always be someone who knew you when'.
My submission is that females need to be objective. There is need to understand the written and unwritten rules of every work environment. Make sure that you always have a plan and are in control of your career, write your own narrative and be the MD/CEO of your life. If you must sleep with the boss, do it for the money, get things from him that ensure that you can re-write your story. e.g, as a new intake, let him pay for an MBA in an Ivy league school, go there and top your class because all your expenses are catered for by oga. Get a job outside his industry and smartly end the relationship. That way you can re-write your story the way you want.

In all, we are smart women and we really don't need to spread our legs to get to the top. In fact I think the phrase is 'f***ng your way to the middle' because only brains and political savvy gets you to the top.

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