The Diva Lounge; Why Good Girls Suffer

It's common to hear people whining that good girls suffer and the bad girls get the good men. I've thought about this and I have outlined some reasons why it seems good girls suffer;

  1. They think their being good shields them from suffering; the truth of the matter is that EVERYBODY hurts and bad things happen to everyone, good, bad, beautiful and ugly. Good girls sometimes believe that they are to be shielded from suffering and hence they exaggerate the pain that comes with whatever comes with their bad experiences.
  2. They find it difficult to let go; you see good girls clinging on, trying to show their good sides, believeing that their perseverance wins. You see them relieving past hurts, heartbreaks, etc. when they can easily just move on which is what the badoski's do. They move on.
  3. They constantly try to prove a point; they don't allow themselves be and experience life. They do everything to protect their goodness and sometimes they rub this goodness in your face. This is just as annoying as people that are fake and form.
  4. They bring nothing else to the table apart from their 'goodness'; Social skills, a deep sense of humor and fun, etc - being good doesn't guarantee that people will like you or want to be in your presence if you don't have these. You have to find your 'it' factor, hone it and make yourself someone others will want to spend time with.
  5. They don't understand men; Listen, if you don't know a thing, you will keep failing at it. It is essential that females understand themselves and men. If a guy is a bad boy, no need to think your goodness can change him, just leave him alone and keep loving yourself and enjoying your life untill someone that will sweep you off your feet and worship the ground you walk on finds you. Sometimes, the bad girls have been through so much that they decide that they will not end up with a bad man who won't treat them well. These bad boys make up their minds to marry a good girl that they can keep at home while stepping out of the home front periodically.
  6. They lie to themselves and live vicariously through bad boys;  Some good girls are not true to themselves, they haven't allowed themselves to evolve, they want to experience life but they are trapped by a self imposed prison. Hence, they are attracted to bad boys through whom they live vicariously.
  7. Good boys live vicariously through bad girls; take point six above and flip it.
  8. It is a lie; Good girls do not suffer anymore than bad girls. I've seen good girls extremely fortunate in love and I've seen good girls that fate has dealt a hard hand in love. The same goes for bad girls.

In conclusion, I believe we all should be true to ourselves, exploring life and developing all our potential. Live, laugh, dress up, go out on dates, learn the rules of love and dating and if bad things come your way, walk out of it, cry and move on refusing to stay bitter and above all trust that God loves you and he's got you.

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