Do All Relationships have to be Private or Just that of Celebrities?

The past two years have seen a lot of social media drama and unfortunately, sad marriage tales.

Most times when news of marriage break up occurs, people blame it on sharing too much on social media.

You begin to read comments like 'why won't they break up, when they post all the details of their lives of social media'.

And it seems that people believe that over-sharing, whatever it may mean is the reason for a lot of break up in marriages.

I've noticed though that while people have that sentiment for celebrities, they don't seem to think the same for normal individuals.

When everyday people post pictures of their children, spouses, work life etc, the comment section is lit with compliments and accolades like 'beautiful family', 'hot mama', 'I go love oh' but if a celebrity puts up a similar post, we are likely to see comments like 'keep posting oh, later we'll hear of DV and side-chicks', 'when they tell you people to take your relationships off social media, you won't listen till we begin to hear stories that touch'.

So I have a question, do all  relationships have to be kept private or does the over-sharing jinx affect only celebrities?

Please feel free to comment, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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