How a Linked in Connection Broke my Heart

It was a work day and I was reading professional articles on Linked in when I got a message from someone. We started chatting and it turned out that we had mutual acquaintances.

One thing led to another, he got my number and he began to ask me out. After some initial shakara, I agreed to go on a date with him and he was a complete gentleman. I had barely gotten home when I received the message 'I am completely smitten; I had such a wonderful time'.

I responded with a smiley and moved on to other things. The next few weeks were heavenly, I had so much fun and I was treated like the lady that I was. The brother was a gentle man and I felt at peace and in my feminine element around him. He was caring and extremely generous and he didn't push for the cookie even after we went clubbing and spent nights together. He respected me fully and I was happy untill............

The brother pulled the disappearing act on me and he did it so subtly. From meetings and conferences that took him out of Lagos to family activities. The visits and calls reduced untill they disappeared completely.

I healed my broken heart and moved on. I mean, this was linked in, the most professional of all platforms, where one could meet like minds and great connections.

People are finding love via Instagram dm's and I'm here getting heartbroken on linked in.

Maybe my head no carry online dating even on linkedin, I can never tell. I've moved on and now linked in is strictly for professional purposes.

Have a lovely and productive week ahead dears and may we all find success, love and fulfillment.


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