Protecting your inner peace

A healthy spirit and sense of self are essential to a successful life, but there are a lot of things that can affect our inner peace. The struggles of each day, unfulfilled dreams, bad news that are around and the behavior of people can take a toll on us. I have outlined habits that if cultivated would help us protect our inner self.

1. Cultivate the art of gratitude: There is something about a thankful heart, it released joy which is good for the soul. Staying thankful and being grateful for the little things is good for the soul.

2. Live an authentic life: to thine own self be true. Don't lie to yourself or deny the essence of who you are to fit in. Know who you are and know that you are enough. Live an authentic life because lying to yourself is a recipe for failure. Never try to be what you are not. Just do you.

3. Love silence: Don't be afraid to be alone. De-clutter your insides of noise. Learn to be still and love the silence in the air.

4. Pamper yourself and make sure you have a 'ME' time; It could be an hour every week where you take out time for yourself. It could be every evening when you spend longer time exfoliating. It could be in the morning when you listen to the silence before the noise of the day starts but schedule time for yourself.

5. Plan your finances; wealth gives strength oh. A knowledge that you're taken care of financially can help you stay sane and keep things in perspective. Have a healthy financial plan and habit, grow your side gigs and generally try to ensure money is not so much of a big deal.

6. Strive to be someone who always has options; Grow in your career, take on projects that can make your marketable outside the office not just mundane everyday activity. Take extra courses, make smart and calculated career moves. Whatever you do, do not stay stuck in one place, loosing your sense of options.

7. Surround yourself with positivity; friends who gossip, put you down, criticize you, compete, loose them. Say to yourself 'only positive people can sit with me'. Protect yourself and remember that you are responsible for your emotions.

8. Choose to excel, not compete; do not compete with anyone at all. Walk your own path. Use your talents and abilities and grow into the best YOU.

9. Be teachable, cultivate emotional intelligence and adapt to the world; Open yourself to the world around you. Learn to understand people and try to see things from every angle not just yours. Strive to understand the world and the ways to adapt to it not forcing your ideas and opinions on others. Find out what works and place your personal style on it.

10. Remind yourself that God is in charge; and everything in his care is well taken care of. Cast your cares upon him, do your best each day and trust him to take charge of everything.

So dears, these are techniques I use to protect my inner peace. I would like to read your comments and be rest assured that I will respond to them.

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