Signs he is a F**k Boy

I had a pastor who used to say that when the Devil wants to destroy a person, all he does is send someone into their life and it will take a downward turn.

As females, a lot of us have experienced either first hand or vicariously, situations where a male stepped into a female's life and ruined it. I guess that's what gave birth to the term 'Yoruba Demons' but since Demons have no tribe or nationality, I prefer the term 'F**k Boy'. A boy in man's clothing who steps into your life and ruins it. 

The truth is, these f**k boys no matter how hard they try, cannot hide some of their traits even though they sugar coat it. So I've outlined certain signs to look out for to be on alert before the butterflies start fluttering in your stomach and you insist that you're in love and cannot leave the relationship:

  • If he compliments you by putting someone else down; You know that type of compliment where they say 'You're slim unlike certain females that are too fat'. 'I love your brains, unlike some Nigerian girls that are so dumb'.... bla bla bla.
  • If he enjoys seeing women compete; This is the elder brother to the point above. If he seems to enjoy a cat fight among women, or compare women in groups, he has a challenge.
  • If he is rude to people around him; I've noticed that the older and more mature a man is, the more he is polite and respects people around.
  • If he exhibits borderline unruly behavior in the name of 'being himself'; That guy that talks anyhow, makes jokes at the expense of others, and displays borderline bad habits all in the name of being himself is someone that has no respect for others and constituted authority.
  • If he tries to convince you that all his exes,etc still want him; you know that guy that has stories of how various girls want him and are dying for him the 1st day of the date.
  • If he tries to convince you that all his exes are psychos, crazy, etc; my darling it's either he's lying, a psycho magnet or does things to make babes pscho.
  • If he is overtly possessive at the beginning; you guys have just met but he wants to know where you are, why you didn't pick his calls on time, etc.
  • If he will do anything to be socially correct; the guy of guy that outward reputation matters the most to. While I agree that we need to present the best version of ourselves to the world. A man who will do 'ANYTHING' to be socially correct is actually insecure.
  • If he is a mummy's boy/friend's boy; if he is indecisive and needs a crew to take his decisions, he is a fuck boy.
  • If his stories don't add up; Fuck boys and lies are like peas in a pod.
  • If he has no visible source of income; you know those guys that are all talk, lofty dreams and no action. The ones that are 'unto their own sturvs' but still try to borrow money from you. My sister, run
The above are initial signs. As you go deeper into the relationship, you begin to notice things like blowing hot and cold, not valuing your dreams and goals, making you feel like you need to beg for his attention because you are lucky to have him, being stingy etc.

To avoid seeing worse signs, if he exhibits five of the above, be very wary and watch him closely before going further. If he exhibits more than five, just say to yourself 'Not today satan, I'll pass'.

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