Signs You are a Good Boss

If there's one thing every career person prays not to have, it is a bad boss. A bad boss can affect your productivity negatively and also make your working days, hell on earth. On the other hand, a good boss is one the best things that could ever happen to your career. Most people that have attained career success and happiness owe it to a good boss. Note that I said career success and happiness because while you can succeed under a bad boss, happiness can be far fetched.

While most people complain about having bad bosses, no one ever claims to be one. Everyone believes they are good bosses- afterall, the bible says 'every man will proclaim his own goodness'.

I carried out a survey and came up with characteristics of a good boss;

  • A good boss knows the job; you have to have excellent technical skills. Know how to do the job.
  • A good boss knows the political side of the job; to be honest, there is a lot of politicking in the office and some problems are due to political fallout. Subordinates need a boss that can teach them the softer skills involved in the job.
  • A good boss solves problems; When there is a challenge, do you step up and solve problems or do you start playing the blame game? Good bosses deal with the challenge first without wasting time playing the blame game.
  • A good boss is firm and has radical candor; As a boss, your job is not to be nice. A boss is like an office parent. There is need for firmness and honest feedback to subordinates even though unpleasant. Like a parent, while you must be caring and kind, you must not forget that your subordinates look up to you for growth.
  • A good boss cares about the advancement of subordinates; You need to take an interest in the careers of your subordinates,work with them to harness their strengths, minimize their weaknesses and fight for their career advancement
  • A good boss discourages favoritism,politicking and other toxic behavior; you try your  best to ensure that there is no politicking, favoritism, bullying etc. in your team.
  • A good boss uses the carrot and stick approach; You compliment and  reprimand.
  • A good boss doesn't forget to be human; you are a human being and you understand and accept that. The human touch is not missing in your interaction. While you are a bad ass technically, politically, as a coach etc. you are human and you are relatable and this acknowledgement of our shared humanity is the reason you are a good boss because in being human you inspire trust and this trust is something you do not betray.
So Divas, I have outlined a few characteristics I believe a good boss should have, please feel free to comment if there are other characteristics you'd like your boss to possess.

I'd love to hear from you and I promise to respond to as many comments as I can.

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