Counting our Blessings January - June

It's the last day of June.

The 1st half of the year is over.

Earlier this year, we discussed some kickass moves for 2017 and one of them was to have a gratitude jar. (See post here  ).

It's time to be thankful for all the blessings that have come our way. It has been said that we can either count our blessings or decide our blessings don't count. We have decided to count our blessings because we are thankful like that. I have on my gratitude list;

  • My family; God has been keeping us and making us beautiful.
  • My job; and all the wonderful colleagues and partners I have met.
  • My finances; to be honest, this year has been smooth financially.
  • My friends; bestie's white wedding was successful and my good friends gave birth to the most adorable babies.
  • This blog; I'm grateful for the gift of writing and the platform to share my thoughts with the world. I also developed some skills in addition to my writing.
  • You; yes you reading this. The over 8k visitors I have received and my followers on facebook and Instagram. Know this you have been a tremendous blessing.
So dears, what are you grateful for, don't forget this

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