Let's talk about toasting lines

I remember the first time I was asked out, I was 11 years old, wearing a white shirt and a green skirt. The guy in question should have been 15 or more. He was staring at me from the other side of the road and when he crossed over, I knew he was going to ask me out and I was excited though I played it cool. I'm not sure I heard anything he said, the answer was obviously no but I couldn't wait to gist my friends in school the next day. See, I was in Js3 and most of my friends were between ages 13 and 15 and so I was the last to be asked out in the group and I couldn't wait to tell everyone about it.

After that day, it was like a door opened and since then I have been asked out by men of all classes. Some of them stand out for both good and bad reasons. Some were soooooo smooth that you just wanted to be around them even though you knew you'd say no and some were soooo ***** that you decided you must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and need to go back to sleep.

This Thursday, we'll be throwing back to the lines we heard growing up when guys were 'toasting' us.

Someone once told me I looked like Beyonce and I laughed soooo hard because I know we didn't look alike.

Another one kept telling me he fantasized about Paris Hilton and then told me I looked like Paris Hilton. I definitely didn't pick his calls after that day.

And there were the sweet ones.... I smile just thinking of their moves.

So divas, I'd like to hear the pick up lines you've been told; the good, bad and ugly.

The funniest, lamest, dopest etc. I'd like to hear them all.

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  1. Hi Peculiar just wanted to drop a note here. Love your articles here and those on BN. I also contribute to BN as Ms. Elle :)

    Speaking of the topic I found it hilarious as I recalled the numerous toasting lines I have heard in this life lol. The most irksome I would say is when someone chats me up and says 'sup' as the opening line. Oh my, the chat usually gets frozen at that point and the other party is left wondering what he did. Lol. Call me ol school but I find sup totally irritating to say the least even if it might be accepted as chatting language. It sounds distant and arghhh, a simple hi will do but some guys just don't gerrit. Anyway interesting piece. P.s can you do a piece on how to turn a guy you don't like down without hurting their feelings and how a 'good girl' can be sharp and land a man in this 21st century lol. Just kidding.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment dear.

      I also find 'sup' very annoying but I shrug it off like 'maybe the guy is just learning'.

      I will write on the topics you raised and dedicate them to you. Note that I am no expert in anyway so I'll also trust my readers to provide insight.

      Once again, thanks a lot for the comment Ms.Elle. Have a wonderful day.