Are you ecstatic about being a woman

Being a woman is a beautiful thing. A woman is the source of life, beauty, warmth etc. These are wonderful cliches but as a woman, are you really ecstatic to be a woman? Does the idea that you are a woman excite you, are you really excited and at peace with being a woman?

You see, it's easy to say all the right words but deep down, do we really like being women? Some people feel that they are not attractive enough, that they do not have enough feminine wiles, that society is against them- afterall, it's a man's world and they can get away with being brutal and treating us anyhow. Beliefs like how society stops us, stands in our way, how we have to suffer and reap rewards in our old age are not consistent with being ecstatic about our womanhood.

When we are ecstatic about being women, we are extremely comfortable in our skin. We are in tune with every aspect of ourselves; our bodies, our feelings, emotions, fears, weakness and strengths. We are genuinely in love with ourselves.

Because we are in love with ourselves, we take better care of ourselves, we look good, take care of our skin and do our best to project the best version of ourselves, we are in-tune with our sexuality and sensuality and we do not sit on it. We have no time to judge others or criticize, we are living our lives, walking our path.

When people meet us, they are released to become the best version of themselves because we do not hold back or judge ourselves so we have no time to judge others. We are simply loving and holding everyone including ourselves to high standards of excellence.

We do not have time to compete, we know that who we are is enough.

Because we love ourselves, we do not tolerate disrespect in anyway and we firmly and lovingly set boundaries by how we treat ourselves (to be honest, what sane thinking person would mutilate a brand new Mercedes). We are not bogged down by regrets because we forgive ourselves for mistakes made and learn the lessons that are necessary and because we have forgiven ourselves, it is easier to forgive others.

It's hard to stay in toxic relationships because we are complete as we are and so we can walk away.

And when we are ecstatic to be truly women, we become really beautiful; not by worldly standards but truly beautiful. We have all met that hot girl who seemed out of touch with who she was, that despite her beauty, you wanted to leave her presence and there is the opposite, a woman not exceptionally attractive by worldly standard but she exuded a sense of warmth that drew everyone in.

Beautiful women ecstatic about being women can be found everywhere;

  • She is that elderly woman that cleans compounds for a living. She shows up everyday in her neatly pressed dresses, her hair plaited with a smile on her face and everyone just wants to spend at least five minutes with her because she exudes joy and serenity.
  • She is that student that treats everyone with grace as she tries to understand the challenges of growing up and maturing into womanhood.
  • She is that female starting our her career or a business; while scared and naive in the business and career world, she faces each day bravely because she knows each experience is a teacher and one day she will become the best of what she can be.
  • She is the female boss in the office who isn't afraid to be feminine and at the same time she isn't afraid to be strong, to speak up for herself and her team and also demand excellence from people who work for her.
  • She is that single female, the type we like to call 'Aunty gwegz' but it is impossible to see herself as that because she knows being alone is okay. If she really wants to be with someone, she doesn't deny her need for a male companion because it is a genuinely natural one but she won't sell herself short or do something wrong, so she stays happy and at peace.
  • She is the new bride or mother, that is trying to get a hang of it all, with all the advice and teachings pouring in from everywhere, she is determined to give her best but she is also very determined not to loose herself in the process because she knows that taking care of herself is the best gift she can give to her loved ones.
  • She is the female who has just been cheated on, she has a tough decision to make on the next steps but she will make it after weighing her options and whatever it is, she will be at peace. She feels the hurt and pain of deceit and is determined to go through it because she knows that even pain has its blessings.
  • She is the woman suddenly alone either through a divorce or death's wicked blow, the pain of separation is great but she is determined to stay grateful and you can see her smile through the tears
 These women are truly beautiful because they are confident, warm, graceful, with lots of empathy and compassion holding themselves and those around them to standards of excellence. They are beautiful because they do not bemoan the evil that seems to befall womanhood, they are very excited about who they are, they love being women, truth be told, they are ecstatic to be women.

I ask again, are you ecstatic to be a woman? 

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