Polite Ways to turn a guy down

One of my dear blog visitors commented on a post (see post here) requesting that I discuss ways to turn a guy down without coming across as rude. As someone who isn't a guy, neither claims to be an expert on relationship and male matters, I decided to ask male friends around and I have come up with the following tips;

  1. Be unavailable; If he asks what you're doing on Saturday, tell him you want to wash your hair; and yes you'll be washing your hair all day Saturday rather than go out with him. Once you're unavailable, he'll get the message.
  2. Just tell him you're not interested; no need to beat around the bush. Tell him in a polite and firm way that you are not interested.
  3. Let your words and actions match; Don't be saying that you don't like him while you call him to drive you to the beach, take your friends out, give you some money etc. It's not nice at all.
  4. Don't laugh at him with your friends; People who do this are just mean. Bear in the mind that the guy in question did not commit a crime by asking you out, hence, treat him with respect. Don't run him down and make jokes with your friends about him, seriously, it makes you look small. 
  5. Ask him for something really above his means; They say this works for guys who just won't take no for an answer. Asking him for something that will really stress him might just do the magic. I know of a guy who stopped asking a girl out after he had accidentally taken her shopping, she dragged him there and shopped the boutique down and then he realized that she was one extravagant babe, turned out that the girl just wanted him off her back.
  6.  Ignore him; If after 1-5, he is still persistent, then just ignore him and learn to live with his disturbance because only an invitation to your wedding might deter him.
In all, when turning a guy's advances down, bear in mind that he is a person with feelings and liking you is not a crime. Let the golden rule guide you as you say no while remaining the classy queen you are.

Have you ever had a persistent 'toaster' who just wouldn't take no for an answer? I'd like to know how you handled the situation.

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  1. I absolutely agree with the ignore part... Its the best way coz we guys hate it. The only disadvantage is: if the guyis immature he will insult you especially if its on facebook... Incase that happens, ladies still ignore him and dont reply which is hard cos i know you guys lol. Always feeling you wont let a nigga ride on you like that but trust me when you dont respond after the insults it works faster... Now heres my own request.. A piece on what ladies do to make a guy notice they love him and How do you get out of a relationship you never even started.. I.e the gurl starts calling day and night like normal lovers do and even gets pissed if you dont call her for just 2 days.. Duurrhh! You aint my woman hunnie!!����