Why Women Hate Each other

We often hear that women hate each other, that women are the ones that put each other down the most.

I've taken out time for outline possible reasons for the seeming girl-on-girl hate.

  1. They have been raised to compete with each other; I call it the how market syndrome. Society trains women to aspire to marriage and compete for the attention of men and as a result, competition, jealousy and seeming hate becomes the order of the day amongst women.
     2. A lot of women are not true to themselves;  Lot's of women are stuck in their shell, living a lie 
           and not true to themselves. This breeds self hate, a judgemental spirit and internal unhappiness and
           because you cannot give what you don't have, women project their self hate on others.

   3. Society promotes this idea; I do not really believe that women hate each other but society seems to
       promote this notion in various ways; advertising like real men eat meat not bones (pitting chubbier
       women against skinny women), blogs that like to promote squabbles among women, insecure men
       who pit women, against each other, it seems everyone loves a cat fight hence they promote the notion
       women hate each other.

4.  Women are people too; and that means they have the right to like and not like and they are also
      open to being liked and not being liked. The fact that you are a woman doesn't mean I must like you if
      I don't like you neither does that fact that I'm a woman mean everyone must like me.It's just life, you like       some, you unlike some.  

5.  It is not true; It is not true that women really hate each other. People hate people sometimes and         
     women like men are people too.

So dears, do you agree with me, feel free to comment on reasons why the notion persists that women hate each other.

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