Women must forgive their cheating husbands because Beyonce did.

There has been a media frenzy since snippets of Jay-Z's release suggest that he cheated on Beyonce possibly a lot of times. Before that, there had been instances where people suspected infidelity; Solange's outburst and Beyonce's album.

Mixed reactions have trailed this seeming revelation but most people seem to take this new information as proof that women should deal with stuff. So we've heard things like 'you see, not everything you see on the media is a it appears. some people are suffering and smiling'. 'After Beyonce finished deceiving all of you with girl power, she was managing Jay-Z' 'All those women that left their cheating boyfriend's because of Beyonce's songs will feel bad now'.

I've been tempted to scream all weekend but I decided to channel my thoughts into a write up for my loyal, lovely readers and these are my thoughts;

  • Life is an individual race; we are all on our seperate journeys and paths in life and hence we must walk our own paths and stop checking out what others are doing.
  • The burden of freedom is responsibility; We must understand that we are responsible for our decisions and their outcomes. We can't be living our lives based on what others are doing or thinking and turn around to blame them for our actions.
  • Be careful who you take advice from.
  • Trust yourself to take your own decisions; let's quit with the herd mentality and do what we believe is best for us. Like was stated earlier, we are all on our individual life journeys. 

My submission is that the choice to leave or stay with a cheating partner is a huge one that impacts the lives of all those involved greatly. That decision is one we should take after carefully considering all scenarios.

In all, we should do what's best for us and our children and never feel the need to apologize or explain to those who don't matter.

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