Woman Crush Wednesday; Karachi Dimbo Atiya

My 1st interaction with Karachi wasn't pleasant. I had dropped a comment about someone that she considered negative and she rebuked me deeply.

This is just one side of Karachi, unafraid to speak her mind and stand up for the truth.

Karachi is a woman of many parts;

  • She is a teacher; and I mean this literally. she goes to school everyday to develop the minds of the young ones. A voyage into her Instagram handle will reveal how excited she is about her children and what they do. She makes teaching fun and sometimes I wish I could be a child again to sit in one of her classes.
  • She is a creative genius; she and her husband are the brain behind the lovely series 'sons of the caliphate'. Karachi gives creativity a fun image.
  • She is a God lover; Karachi is a singer in the church choir (Cliche; I know) but then she does this to show her love for God.
  • She is a Person; Whole, warm, confident and lovely. Despite a seeming disability, Karachi is one person who lives life and loves fully.
 See below some pictures to give you a glimpse into the life of this multi-dimensional woman;

Seed Art work done by Karachi's pupils.

Karachi playing dress up for a school activity.

Karachi and Le hubs on the set of Sons of the Calipahte


Karachi is indeed a woman of many parts, a role model, God lover and our amazing crush for the week.

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